ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8


JaeYoon Kang

A networked coin donation system, deigned to encourage people to donate in several public places. The main device is a kiosk, and while sorting coins a screen shows visualizations relevant to charity organizations. The numbers of accumulated coins will be saved at a website called ‘’ to encourage people to donate and let the organizations know when to pick up the coins.

The problem with coin donation box is that it’s hard to know how many coins have accumulated. In addition, people might need their coins for some unanticipated purpose. At the moment fairly inconvenient to donate money to where you want when you want. I want to find a way to encourage people to make donations securely and conveniently. This is my thesis project.

My thesis project consists of two main parts.
One is a website, the other is actual donation box with embedded coin sorter. Therefore, the device is going to be two different versions for public and private user.

One thing that might help people save coins is showing them what they can do within a given amount of money.
For example, my device will indicate that with the coins now in your piggybank “you can buy 100 meals for children in Zimbabwe” or “you can plant 3 trees in China which will reduce carbon dioxide”

For this to be possible, the donation device have a mechanism for counting coins and also for calculating the kinds of donations that can be made with the money that’s accumulated in the donation device.
So, I want to build networked donation device. that shows information on the surface or on a related website. People who network their private donation device can connect to the related website using their own account in order to check the total amount of money they’ve accumulated or how close to their goal they’ve come. The website will indicate whether or not actual money has actually been sent into the account of an organization like as UNICEF by using activate codes or receipts.

Several options may be available; people may be able to choose a specific organization to donate to or they might be able to collaborate with others who share their goals. I plan to conduct further research to see if making these functions available on the website is possible with the timeframe of this semester.

The basic device will consist of three parts: an input device, an output device and a website. For the input device, which will be a networked object like a piggybank, I am going to hack a coin counter for accuracy and also want to use internet connection for storing data on the website. For the output, device will show the total amount of money accumulated and, possibly, donation option.

The hope is that seeing this interaction will encourage people to donate money. The website will further visualize information about each users accounts, possible donations and way to participate in groups sharing similar purposes.

General public, private user, family

LCD screen, automatic coin sorter, arduino, laptop.