ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

SeeMyDiary | ReadMyDiary

Jain Koo

Two Diaries that help you focus on yourself

SeeMyDiary | ReadMyDiary is the package of web and printing diary which has similar interface. The project is for study purpose, so only a few users can participate but anyone can read the contents. The goal is to see the difference between users' behaviors when they use two different media with same contents and also to help users enjoy the process.

We are surrounded by many forms of media and they created the situation that one person can have multiple characters. A different persona might be something that people want to have. Sometimes, people want to act differently online because they don’t like who they are in the real world. The sad part of it is that the satisfaction of expressing oneself differently online is not going to make the person have the real joy in the real world. The expression can be different based upon who the audience is. In my opinion, that makes the big difference between writing something on paper and posting something online. Most of time when you write a note by your hand, you know who is going to read. For example, my diary has the only one audience who is myself. I am the one who knows myself the most and that is why my day in my diary and online is different. Simply because I don’t have to think about how other people think of me, I can express my feeling as it is in my diary.

There are so many different online journal services but I thought it could be better to compare if I build two different media with similar interface. By uploading the snapshots of the paper diary on the Web version, readers can see the difference between these 2 different media. And giving the option to make one day as one color, after one year, I could simply see the history of my whole year.

The reason why I write different contents might be simply having audience on the Internet and not for my notebook. But the action of writing and typing also made me feel differently. The possibility to go back and forth writing and drawing also made difference. This project gave me the opportunity to think about my day I just spent and also made my online life much more related to my offline life.