ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8


Jiaxin Feng

GMissile, a multiplayer shooting game for iPhone and computer platform with features like player’s geo-location tracking and applying environment data, etc.

GMissile is a location based multiplayer shooting game. It is a cross platform game playable on both iPhone/iPod touch or web browser. Players in anywhere in the city can play the game, 10 player max per game, start anytime. Players will be divided into two teams, and each player's iPhone/iPod touch or browser will keep detecting his location in real time, even while he is moving. The game interface will have all the players shown in one google map at their real location. And now start shooting! It is very similar like Worm or BB Tank, which is let players shoot in turn, until one team all dead. When shooting, adjusting direction and strength to decide where you want the missile to go, and different missile will have different size of damage area. Since game device can detect player's location in real time, mobile phone player can run away from missiles by moving on the street, what they need to pay is their missiles have 15% less damage than browser player. Real environment data like wind is also incorporated in the game to affect the fly trail of missiles.

Regardless of age, anyone who has interested in playing shooting game, or running on the street

User Scenario
Login to enter game lobby. In the game lobby, different types of game rooms are available, long distance shooting game between NYU and Columbia or short distance game within several blocks. Pick one you like, when one game room has ten players, the game starts. People divided into two teams, and each player located in different place in the city. The game interface in one big city map which shown all the player. There is map control panel to zoom or pan the map or change the type of the map from street view to satellite view. There is also shooting control panel, which let players adjust direction and strength. Players shoot in turn. If any one falls into a missile's damage area, that player gets damage. When a player die, he can't shoot missile anymore. When one team all dead, game ends, and all players got their score depend on their performance. Score is accumulated, and ranking of score is provided.

When user logs in, geocoding API will grab the user's location and set on the google map.
For instance, if you log in at the NYU building, your location will be showing up on the google map as NYU building address, which is proximately real location. The other players may connect from several different location, like as Queens, Brooklyn or somewhere else. Then you need to expect how far is the other player's location from you and calculate certain direction, degree and power in order to shoot a missile. the realtime wind data may affect to the missile.