ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

your true color

Joora Song

Use face mask scanner to gain "your true color" for online foundation makeup purchase!

Most of e-commerce websites lack physical interactivity that can lead to more personal and satisfying buying experience. My thesis plans to add more physical interactivity to foundation makeup product e-commerce websites by giving user a chance to gain and use their real time face skin color data for online purchase of foundation makeup products whenever or wherever they want.

processing, makeup e-commerce sites, google search for interactivity on e-commerce sites, skin color scanner, foundation color swatch, php, flash

online foundation makeup buyers who want to get their exact foundation color match online, makeup brand companies who have online shopping website

User Scenario
Online makeup buyer goes to public physical installation first and scans in their face color using face mask scanner and puts this data onto online database.
The user goes to "your true color" website any time or anywhere to purchase either foundation makeup products with similar color from other preexisting makeup brands or custom orders foundation makeup product that has their own face color. User also can see editorial content of beauty icons from the past and makeup tips online.

There will be two main parts to my thesis project: physical installation and e-commerce website.
Physical installation will be consisted of projected display of user's face and face color, and monitor where user can use interface to interact with face color scanner. On the wall outside monitor, users’ faces from database will be displayed in chronological order of the date that user’s face picture was taken. These faces will animate with skin color swatch with fade in and out effect.
e-commerce website will consist of shopping feature with custom ordering function, database of user's face color information, and editorial feature of beauty legends from the past, and makeup application tips.