ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8


Marios Diamantis

Skybike: is a custom made bicycle that you ride upside-down

Skybike: is a custom made bicycle that you ride upside-down. This unusual position of riding creates the illusion that you are riding on the sky. This is a conceptual piece that raises questions rather than offering solutions, something which traditional design does. The questions which this object asks are: Is this a functional object, and if yes, in which way? What is the purpose of designing only objects that adapt or apply to everyday life? Is that not a limitation? In a period where our basic needs are met, perhaps we need to satisfy more abstract, unusual and different needs. My idea is not intended to be negative but to stimulate discussion amongst designers, industry and the public. This project is intended to blur the boundaries between the real and the fictional, so that the conceptual becomes more real and the real is seen as just one possibility solution among many.