ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

It's About Time

Matthew Young

It's About Time is a multichannel video installation designed to both communicate the time of day and explore our perception of time’s passing.

It’s About Time is multichannel video installation that aims to be an exploration of our perception of the pace of time’s passing versus it’s reality. Constructed in an effort to visualize the current time in a new way – think of it as an abstract clock of sorts – It’s About Time is powered by the same people it’s meant to communicate the time to. Designed for installation in a transit authority, particularly in open areas of regular foot traffic, It’s About Time uses a single camera to capture the silhouetted image of passing travelers. This image is then incorporated into the context of the time visualization. The visualization populates with collected images of both rushing and languishing travelers over a specific period of time, thereby communicating the time of day to those passing through the space. This visualization appears over a network of monitors that border the space, literally surrounding the area where travelers pass through, serving as a subtle commentary about our physical flow through time and it’s simultaneous flow through our imagination.