ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8


Vikram Tank

The world has billions of stories and photos, Flittr provides a way to create and view them in a curated way.

Slideshows as a storytelling form have been in existence for centuries, and even predate photography. Traveling performers would present magic lantern shows to towns using painted slides long before the first transparency film. The form has pervaded most of our lives from home slideshows to business. Slideshows can serve as the perfect counterpoint to today’s image glut culture. Images placed in them are usually carefully selected to craft the message of the show. In that craft is a deliberation and slowness sometimes antithetical to fast-paced, throw-in-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mentality that pervades online photo repositories and it that allows a story to come to the fore. For my thesis I looked at pervading trends on the web as well as in photography, and I found that craft can be an antidote to being inundated by information. I created a mobile application to explore the possibility of creating short slideshows with an emphasis on storytelling and curation.

Flittr is an iPhone application that allows creating short slideshows with 3 images and 15 seconds of audio. Flittr also provides a platform for viewing these shows from a mobile phone.