ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

Floating gallery

Yingxian Wu

Installation; A playable, kinetic, futuristic architecture model which can be used to browse augmented reality images projected on a screen.

This thesis focuses on creating a new fun device with which people can browse images and play videos in a public space. The device is designed as a scale model of a floating building that has three different black and white pattern markers on the windows. Users can watch three augmented reality images and can control the video by turning the building model to match three possible states for the camera to interact. The videos projected on the screen are a combination of live images with virtual 3D space and digital sound. This device is also a test model of a “chance machine style gallery” that offers young artists real space to display their video work in a unique format while at the same time the capacity to build an audience.

Augmented reality , ArToolkit , Digital art

People who like beach vacation.

User Scenario
For the installation: user turn the model make the different marks face to the camera, then they can see different images and videos. For instance a video of the people swim to a floating building which looks like a sea creature, then

Fabricate the model by 3D printing ,Make the interaction with Flex

I hope this floating gallery can bring people a brand-new experience. By moving the gallery outdoors, both adults and children have more opportunities to view artworks. In the future media will be increasingly integrated in the public space and create a harmonic. This thesis project combines waterside fun with floating gallery into a biological state that reminds you of the physical world of beauty around you.