Dimitris Makris

Modus Operandi is a verbal performance around a system of concepts and associated projects that constitute a personal theoretical cosmology. The project aims at conveying a number of possibly esoteric but, arguably, relevant concepts by proposing a verbal mode of delivery of ideas. The content of these ideas is a glossary of concepts that pertain to a series of aspects of our daily reality. Some of those concepts and associated projects are the following: the mirror principle, kinetic non sequitur, internal exogeneity, inspiration as asynchronous communication, older self as xenos & other as older self, loci of existence, the alphabetic principle, experiential amnesia, time as change, loops of time, found habit, monocosmos, solo, floss, 5 min shop, karakter, packets of time, daily life as Gesamtkunstwerk, trauma as unconsolidated insight.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010