Liesje Hodgson

Job seeking, especially in these economic conditions, takes a huge emotional toll. Applications are sent off by eager would-be-employees, but acknowledgments of receipt are rare, and interviews rarer still. Job seem offers seem downright fanciful. The internet is filled with dull and overly practical how-to guides, job search sites, and networking tips, but there is little that makes the process of finding a job more tolerable. And despite the common sentiment that it\’s not so easy to find a job, discussing unemployment remains a taboo. What\’s the struggling job seeker to do?

Notworking is an online space for the unemployed. Part social network, part productivity hub, the site encourages users to get off their couch and start making progress. It\’s not or linkedin–there is no intention to help users find jobs. Instead, Notworking\’s goal is to get users feeling more upbeat about apply to jobs. By encouraging goal setting, progress tracking, and rewarding things as simple as going for a walk or as complicated as reaching out to past references, Notworking eases members into more productive behaviors and gets them in the habit of applying to jobs more frequently. The ultimate message? Get yourself out there. Finding employment is a numbers game: the more jobs you apply for, the more likely you will be to get a job.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010