Self Brain Portraits

Andrew Jordan

Mechanical musical heads to replace your own!


As I drag, twist, or fly my way through life, I am at the mercy of my brain and it’s ever-changing landscapes of creativity filled, swamp-like crevices and spacious expanses where nothing seems to stick.  Through kinetic motion, painting, and sound, this piece envisions these unique spaces.  The outside of the piece represents these head spaces visually, while the inside is a prepared acoustic space for experiencing them through psycho-acoustic musical composition.  “Self Brain Portraits” is both an attempt at transmitting the feeling of my own human processes and a celebration of the creativity and individuality that I feel from the people around me.  

The piece is made of motors, speakers, and microphones. The motors move objects to make sound on the outside of the piece. The sounds are then processed real time, and played inside the box to listeners.