Virtual Vivarium

Daniel Tsadok

An ethereal creature from another dimension, invisible to the naked eye, is imprisoned in our realm. See it now!

80% of the matter in the universe is Dark Matter, completely invisible. It is all around us, inside of us, and possibly part of us. Using Augmented Reality technology, Virtual Vivarium imagines a secret world made visible.

The imaginary world is completely alien, with its own logic, intelligence, and dangers.

The Virtual Vivarium uses computer vision tracking and an Android tablet display to create a virtual world inside a physical cage.

General audiences.

User Scenario
A user will walk up to a cage, pick up a tablet, and see a strange creature inside the cage/sitting on the stool. As they move the tablet, the creature will stay consistently in place relative to the camera (a challenge of augmented reality).

The cage itself will be built of electrical conduit. It may have a curtain covering certain parts. There will be a camera in the back of the cage tracking the tablet's movement.

The software will use ARToolkit or a variant, and will be written in openFrameworks for Android (via the NDK), which has a paucity of 3D graphics libraries.