Matthew Swenson

The story beyond the frame

Carousel extends the experience of film beyond the peripheries of the normal screen,
placing the viewer in the center of the action. Using panoramic video and sensors, the screen of the mobile phone becomes a window into a virtual setting. Users are able to explore the film around them, making the art of storytelling an art of discovery.

Story lovers, voyeurs, and people who like to get lost in things foreign to them.

User Scenario
The viewer picks up their mobile device, opens the application, selects which film they are interested in seeing, and is immediately placed in the middle of that film.

Using the sensors of the mobile phone that indicates which direction the phone is facing, I am able to wrap a 360 cylindrical texture of film in a virtual world around the user and allow the screen act as a window into a film that occurs around them.

I learnt that immersion and empathy toward someone is a state of mind - not a technological feat.