iFi - An Interactive Finance Tool

Noah King

iFi is an app for iPad that allows ordinary people to easily investigate finance data and make informed personal financial decisions.


The finance world is not easily understood by ordinary people. And nearly all the finance tools that are currently available require extensive existing knowledge, clearly having been designed for industry professionals. Consistent with my overarching goal of making information more accessible, for my thesis I've set out to make finance data something that you can playfully interact with, satisfying curiosity while learning. Taking full advantage of the iPad's touch interface, users can easily navigate through the layers of finance categories while they drill down to individual financial instruments. An interactive interface allows users to engage and play with the data, uncovering patterns and trends through experimentation and exploration. A simple set of tools allows users to search for specific assets or explore a family of assets. In addition to being able to save and retrieve an individual’s search results and findings, social features show emerging trends and favorites from within the entire community of iFi users.

I hope to have created an app that inspires people to take charge of the finances in their personal lives. Through encouraging investigation and play, the app satisfies a human’s natural curiosity and inherent desire to learn. This unconventional approach should be effective in helping beginners learn more and should be a refreshing way for advanced users to uncover unexpected results while making new discoveries.