Peiyu Liu

ThingMuseum is a web service to keep track of your stuff and share the information with your friends.

Everyone collects something in certain degree. ThingMuseum is a web service to keep track of them and share it with your friends. It helps users to organize their stuff. More importantly, by sharing such information, the service becomes a stage for user to display their collection, express their taste and preference, and consequently, it gives users a whole new opportunity to find those who share the same interest with them on object.

In internet today, people can learn a lot of aspects from their friends. People can see their status, photos, videos and location. But there is never provided a way for them to actually learn what their friends like to have. And I think that’s a really important part of what people are.

The ultimate goal of this project is, by digitalizing people’s belongings in physical world, to add a new layer of social elements and not only build people's relationships directly, but also connect people through the objects they own.