Fingers crossed

Sooyun Yun

Superstitions show its unique character based on informal oral education and geographical location.

'Fingers crossed' is a user submission website that collects superstitions from around the world and shows the results on a map.
Only the people who live in a geographic region can submit the superstitions of that area.

Contributors can freely discuss and guess about how this superstition originated.
This allows users to discuss local histories and the cultures in that region while enjoying the learning experience.
The most and favorite opinions can be marked with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

There will be country selection drop down menu to help guide people's search experience.
Also, using a tag function, users can easily find and compare superstitions from around the world.

(For example, if users want to find cat-related superstition from around the world, they can simply search 'cat' to compare all superstitions related to cats.)

anyone who want to contribute.

User Scenario
Character 1 Katie is from Jackson, Mississippi. She born and raised in United
States. She is a junior and an English major in Belhaven College. She doesn’t’
have interaction or experience with people from different countries yet.
However, recently she met one international student from South Korea who is in
the same class with her.

Character 2 Her name is Soojin. She is from South Korea and she came to
Jackson, Mississippi for a year as a foreign exchange student. This is her first
time to visit United States.


They are in the same team for mid term presentation this time. Katie
and Sooyun went to little café near school for brief meeting.
Needs and wants Soojin wanted to light up her cigarette before they start
discussion, but she could not find her lighter in pocket. She looked at small
candlelight on the table and tried to light up cigarette with the candlelight. Katie
instantly said ‘no’‘’”’ to Soojin. Soojin asked me ‘why?’‘ She explained about
American superstition that she knows that lightning cigarette with candlelight
means bad luck in America. (Sailor is get killed) They laugh about it and search
the ‘world superstition’‘’ to get to know more fun fact about it. By doing that, they
found fun interactive project about superstition of the world.


They are looking at this interesting data visualization site together now.
At the beginning of the site, they could see the few people’‘s fun interview about
their original country’‘’ s superstition. In the clip interview, there was a South
Korean girl was talking about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her after she bought
shoes for him. Soojin explains about this superstition to Katie. Katie thinks that
is dumpiest one ever but anyway they laughed a lot. After intro page, both of
them see the map/earth on the page. Page is very simple and designed in
almost black and white. They could see word bubble hanging certain parts of
the countries. They clicked one of the word bubbles. Word bubble is located in
Nepal. Someone from Nepal seemed submitted the superstition from Nepal.
In Nepal, there are certain behaviors that people cannot do in the house by
certain days. It had the description of detail. Soojin liked the posting and
thought it is useful to know, so she clicked the ‘like‘ button under the posting.
Katie simply guessed the history of the Nepal superstition and leaved the reply
about why these superstitions derived from Nepal. After looking at some
different countries’ fun superstitions, Katie wants to contribute one of the
superstitions of the United States. She found submission place at the bottom of
the page and described superstitions that she just explained to Soojin. There
were tagging submission page, so she input ‘cigarette’, American’, sailor’‘ for the
tags of the article.
After their meeting, Katie went back to home and visit the website again. She
got one reply from the person from the Sweden that says Sweden has similar
superstition with it. What an interesting fact! Is America and Sweden has
similarity in culture somehow? She replies back about what she guesses. Some
one just voted on her opinion. Vote icon is blinking red! She smiles and happy
that she made some contribution. Her cat is asking her to feed her. After she
feed her, sitting back chair again, she is wondering about the cat superstition
of the world. On the search space on top right side of the page, she types in
word ‘cat’‘ and it only shows world’s cat related superstitions. Why black cats
are bad luck overall of the world? She is complaining about negative
superstitions because her cat is black. She continues to keep search the web
and add some more information what she read from different articles.
Resolution Katie and Soojin had a moment to talk about one superstition, and
through this chance, Katie had different chances to explore this prototype
further and could find some fun facts about superstition in the worlds, and had
interaction with different country’s users through same topic. She also could
share her country’s superstition with different people in the world. Even though
she did not have chance to visit different countries, now she feels more close to
the countries that she even never visited before and has a certain feeling of she’
is learning something form this website.