Steve Aquillano

Splink gives students access to professionals who are excited to reveal their personal journey to success and aid in the next generation’s career discovery process.


Splink is a website that applies a question and answer format to the process of career discovery. When high school students turn their attention to college and future careers they often rely on the guidance of counselors and parents. The problem with this scenario is that counselors only fully understand what it means to be a counselor, just as each parent only knows the roles they’ve experienced in their own professional life. These resources can provide insight into only a select few of the many professions in existence.

By connecting students with professionals, Splink provides an opportunity for students to discover new career options and further explore careers they are already considering. Professionals who love what they do are the same people who want to share their profession with others. Splink is a forum where students are given the opportunity to ask these professionals any question they desire. Through the professionals’ responses, students will begin to discover careers that align with their own skills, interests and curiosities. At the same time, it should become apparent that there is no “right” way to achieve personal success in a chosen career. It is about the good decisions, or even good mistakes that become the stepping stones to one’s ultimate goal.

As students discover new and exciting career opportunities on Splink, they will also provide the professionals with feedback. In this way, professionals who dedicate time and energy to the Splink platform will know their commitment is making an impact in the lives of students across the country. Splink is just the beginning. There is no substitute for real-world trial and error, but Splink can provide students with a solid foundation to begin their journey into the collegiate and professional world.