Yin Ho

A pan-disciplinary moderated conversational space that combines salon, epistolary, and essay formats online.

Kernel is a moderated monthly online forum of invited guests that takes place for a limited duration. The archive of that conversation then becomes the basis for a paper. Its intention is to seed intellectual and innovative engagement and writing through conversation and community. A selected group of individuals from all walks of life, be they thinkers, artists, and scientists, convene at a designated time online to converse dinner-party style for two hours. A topic is thrown out by the editor and the dialogue starts from there. The discussants may respond to the topic or the conversation may meander as it will. The Forum format promotes nearly instantaneous responses and rejoinders. A resultant essay populates the Paper portion of Kernel, using the transcript and comments of the Forum as source material. Kernel exists to promote a temporary contact zone and assembly area of interlocutors and their ideas.