An exploration of spatial media in spatial marketing

Yoon Ju Cho

My thesis is an exploration of spatial media as a key element in spatial marketing as explored through the design of a vegetarian market and restaurant 'Healthy Kitchen'.

Healthy Kitchen is an exploration of spatial media and how it can lead to effective marketing and blur the boundary between the space and the customer. Spatial marketing is an opportunity to create an interesting, attractive and fun experience that is good for business, encourages healthy eating habits, contributes to the economy of the city and promotes vegetable farms by selling locally-grown cheap and fresh vegetables. In the restaurant customers can enjoy healthy food and meet fellow green-loving people in a fun and fantastical environment. The restaurant environment becomes greener with the customer’s participation, literally!

Technology has tremendously improved our quality of life. Interactive media such as Internet, mobile, digital installation, interactive tablet and so forth have contributed to the creation of more effective communication, having wide ramifications in fields ranging from education to business. As a result, companies have started to use interactive media as a marketing tool. Space not only provides a physical location from which companies can make direct sales via a personal interaction with their customers, but is also a medium that can be used to create brand images. But unlike other marketing platforms, physical space often does not successfully incorporate interactive media. This may be due to the misconception on the part of the companies that technology can lead to a sterile representation of their products. Currently, even those who make an effort to use technology in space marketing fail to do so in an organic, non-sterile manner. An appropriate use of spatial media can lead to effective marketing that blurs the boundary between the brand and customers via an interesting and fun communication with interaction.
I intend to demonstrate the use of interactive media in space marketing as a smart communication tool using two steps: 1) research space marketing and the use of interactive media in its context; 2) a case study of a potential vegetarian market and restaurant that I conduct

Case Study:
Vegetarian restaurant - 'Healthy Kitchen'