Chromus Oscillus 3T3

Alexander Kozovski

Genetically engineered mouse cells express dynamic color oscillation during cell cycle and division. Individual color states are tracked and analyzed with OpenCV and translated to machine events.

Swiss 3T3 fibroblast mouse cells were transfected using an insect virus (baculovirus) to fuse GFP and RFP to biphasic cell cycle regulators, geminin and CDT1. Cell cycle phase G1 is expressed with the color red, the transition from G1/S is yellow, and S, G2 and M are expressed in green. The transition between M and G1 is colorless. As the cells grow and undergo division, the exponential growth in population and nuclei chroma oscillations are captured in time-lapse via fluorescence microscopy and the 4 chroma states(red, yellow, green, colorless) for each cell are tracked using OpenCV. Cellular cycle oscillations are analyzed for frequency, amplitude and phase to be translated to programmatic/machine events.