Alvin Chang

Nestless is a new way of serving the homeless by empowering local neighbors and passersby with mobile phones.

You're rushing to work. It's freezing. And you pass by an underdressed homeless person. You don't have an extra coat or blanket. In a city as densely populated as New York, you'd think there's someone nearby willing to run out their extra coat to this person in need.

Enter Nestless. The mobile app helps you connect these people. Using your phone's GPS, Nestless allows you to alert local neighbors — who are signed up as 'Responders' — about the situation. Users may start out sending alerts. But they may soon get comfortable interacting with homeless neighbors and passing on information about homeless resources, which is easily accessible via the app. And if they are signed up as a Responder, they may get an alert about someone they've talked to and feel more inclined to run out and help their homeless neighbor.