DIRCT: Design Integration and Rehearsal Creation Techniques.

Andrew Lazarow

DIRCT enables designers to respond in real-time to live performance. This tool makes projections interactive, allowing designers to easily make integrated choices during the rehearsal/creation process. Real time, real choices: DIRCT

Theater artists and producers

“I am convinced that the most dynamic and thrilling choices are made when there is trust in the process....” – Anne Bogart

Most theater design tools are made for production, with no focus on process. Filling this gap, DIRCT cultivates an organic, rigorous creation process during the rehearsal period. By creating projections that listen and respond to performers, it allows designs to work with the actors and director in creating character traits, precise moments, and integrated environments. This leads to reduced production costs and more cohesive choices, which can be comprehensively executed Opening Night and every nigh after.

DIRCT was prototyped for the development of the new musical, Measure of Success: Music and lyrics by Julian Fleisher, Book by Kirsten Guenther, Directed by Benjamin Klein, and Produced by Amanda Lipitz Productions.