Bang! Political Cartooning

Arielle Baio

An HTML5 web app designed for users to participate in the stories of political cartoons.

Bang! Political Cartooning rethinks the way that political commentary and cartoons are shared on the web. It allows users to participate in the creation of a story or the reveal of an idea.

I've spent a lot of time on Aljazeera, the New York Times, and various other sources on the internet researching the effects of UAV's in US foreign policy. I'm also an editor at ABC News which has featured the misuse of Drones in several features. Additionally, I've spent time on the sites of Independent Contractors that create several drone models for the US government. This helped to contextualize the history of UAV's, how they were developed and what they are capable of today.

I intend to create a web application that allows that allows users to participate in political cartooning.