Becky Kazansky

A documentary about technologists and communities working to bridge the digital divide with wireless mesh.

Dissidents deprived of free speech. Americans without reliable access to broadband in their homes and communities. What if if there were tool for connectivity to help such disparate groups of people? There is – maybe. It's called mesh. Instead of traditional models of Internet access – where end users rely on a central "hub" for access, mesh networks make every participant a "node"– a point on a network that both sends and receives data. It's a topology made for sharing. A number of challenges – social and technical – make implementation of mesh a complex proposition – one that people have come back to again and again. Yet something about this particular point in time has given new urgency to proponents of peer-to-peer, free speech, and free networks. This documentary explores the motivations of the technologists and communities working to connect through mesh.