Title Students Instructors
"Cocooning" Filipa Tomaz Wilson, Kathleen
'Just For You', an intimate telecommunication toy Ji Hyun Moon Dillon, Katherine
Rozin, Daniel
A Twenty-Third Martin Bravo Greer, Heather
Artificial Intelligence Video Editor Stepan Boltalin Wilson, Kathleen
Artphones Bobby Genalo Greer, Heather
AutoAmsler Margaret McKenna Papadopoulos, Despina
AwsmSauce: Share a Skill ~ Learn a Few Ezra Velazquez Hechinger, Nancy
BactElecTric (Microbial Fuel Cells, ITP style) Nelson Ramon Wilson, Kathleen
Bang! Political Cartooning Arielle Baio Dillon, Katherine
Barcode Bots Nick Santaniello Papadopoulos, Despina
between you & me Tali Blankfeld Greer, Heather
Born between the lines William Jennings Greer, Heather
Bricolo Nick Yulman Papadopoulos, Despina
Burritob0t Marko Manriquez Dillon, Katherine
Caustic Crush Paragini Amin Greer, Heather
Cellar Door Emily Webster Dillon, Katherine
Choose One Chien-Yu Lin Wilson, Kathleen
Chromus Oscillus 3T3 Alexander Kozovski Wilson, Kathleen
Collectio ex machina Anna Pinkas Wilson, Kathleen
Commons Suzanne Kirkpatrick Greer, Heather
Create-Ed Meghan A. Hoke Hechinger, Nancy
Culture Sh0ck Saraswathi Subbaraman Wilson, Kathleen
DIRCT: Design Integration and Rehearsal Creation Techniques. Andrew Lazarow Greer, Heather
drawing well-being Manuela Garreton Wilson, Kathleen
Echo-me Ju Yun Song Greer, Heather
Enhanced Visualization (EV) Therapy Jason Stephens Hechinger, Nancy
Finite Masking Allison Berman Holoubek, Todd
foldface: transformable architecture Marcela Godoy Dillon, Katherine Natalie Be'er Dillon, Katherine
Found Letters Carlin Wragg Barcia-Colombo, Gabe
Wilson, Kathleen
GAGE - Gait Assessment and Gesture Evaluation Lily Szajnberg Hechinger, Nancy
Genesis Liza Singer Hechinger, Nancy
George, an Art Companion Miguel Bermudez Wilson, Kathleen
George, an Art Companion Miguel Bermudez Wilson, Kathleen Ginny Hung Dillon, Katherine
Green Suvarchala Narayanan Wilson, Kathleen
Growing up Absurd Christina Arnold Greer, Heather
Hand in Hand Sukmo Koo Dillon, Katherine
Hand PupPet Mira Leytes Barcia-Colombo, Gabe
Dillon, Katherine
Fitzgerald, Scott
High Frequency Landscapes Genevieve Hoffman Wilson, Kathleen
How We Do It Andi Cheung Papadopoulos, Despina
How Yoga Helped Me Get Over Woody Allen Fernanda Bak Moskowitz, Ben
Papadopoulos, Despina
ihealthy.Kit EunYoung Kang Wilson, Kathleen Jeremy Diamond Papadopoulos, Despina
InnerFace Kevin Bleich Fitzgerald, Scott
George, James
McDonald, Kyle
Steiner, Hans
Wilson, Kathleen
It's Your Stop Lynn Burke Greer, Heather
ITP Archive Lab Kate Watson Wilson, Kathleen
KaraokeTV Catherine McCurry Hechinger, Nancy
Kioku Alex Dodge Wilson, Kathleen
Lack Thereof Ivana Basic Hechinger, Nancy
Lanterns Douglas Thistlethwaite Dillon, Katherine
liminal light Hanny Ahern Wilson, Kathleen
Listening to the Sun Jennifer Shannon Hechinger, Nancy
Little Bones Babes Lisa Maria Ewing Petit, Marianne
Sullivan, William
White, Tracy
Wilson, Kathleen
Loci Maria Rabinovich Hechinger, Nancy
Magnetotron ][ Michael Colombo Papadopoulos, Despina
Medley Diana Huang Wilson, Kathleen
Mesh Becky Kazansky Greer, Heather
Mi-Car Anh Ly Wilson, Kathleen
MOMO-a Mobile App to Share Beauty Experience Rong Yong Wilson, Kathleen
MSKCC Bone Marrow Transplant Project Paul May Hechinger, Nancy
Natural Selection Jack Kalish Papadopoulos, Despina
Nestless Alvin Chang Freitas, Nathan
Greer, Heather
NPC Ezer Lichtenstein Wilson, Kathleen
One Afternoon YoonJo Shin Dillon, Katherine
Performance Machine(s) Alejandro Crawford Greer, Heather
Pool It Gabriela Gutierrez Wilson, Kathleen
Predicting Traffic with Neural Networks Sajan Ravindran Hechinger, Nancy
Project Warm Shell or A Bad Mamma Jamma and Other Concepts for a Dynamic Smart Home Matthew Tennie Papadopoulos, Despina
Prosaic Mimi Yin Papadopoulos, Despina
Pyramid Hill Matthew Rader Fitzgerald, Scott
George, James
Hechinger, Nancy
Steiner, Hans
Quasimoto Christine Doempke Dillon, Katherine
Ramona Mercedes Blasco Papadopoulos, Despina
Recursive Drawing Toby Schachman Hechinger, Nancy
Responsive Architecture Michell Johanna Cardona Dillon, Katherine
Shep Steven Klise Papadopoulos, Despina
SimuLaw Dave Boyhan Dewey-Hagborg, Heather
Wilson, Kathleen
Sing Whale Lia Martinez Hechinger, Nancy
Siren Project Ara Cho Dillon, Katherine
Sneel_002 Gabriella Levine Hechinger, Nancy
Sparkle God Avery Max Greer, Heather
Spiral Jamie Lin Papadopoulos, Despina
Squares Fred Truman Wilson, Kathleen
Story Scramble Craig Protzel Greer, Heather
Street Art TLV - NYC Yonatan Ben-Simhon Dillon, Katherine
StudyTribes Frankie Cheung Hechinger, Nancy
Substituted Reality Johnny Lu Papadopoulos, Despina
Sunlight as Mediated by an Object Geetha Pedapati Barcia-Colombo, Gabriel
Wilson, Kathleen
Suspend and Expand Michael Rosen Papadopoulos, Despina
The Classical Javanese Gamelan in Modern Computational Context Antonius Oktaviano Wiriadjaja Greer, Heather
THE F—CK’D UP DIARY OF A QU—R NI—ER WOMAN Kemeya Harper Greer, Heather
The Goldie Rumori Project zaquerie applepress Dillon, Katherine
The last rainy day of Pikoon Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd Hechinger, Nancy
The League of Whirlwind Explorers Jennifer Ho Hechinger, Nancy
The Parametric Courante Guang Zhu Hechinger, Nancy
The Red Chair: An Interactive Triptych Dan Scofield Barcia-Colombo, Gabriel
Liss, Daniel
Rozin, Daniel
The Timeseed Project Jackson Snellings Wilson, Kathleen
Time Immemorial Eric Hagan Dillon, Katherine
Votalky Ge Yu Greer, Heather
white, male, lucky: An Experiment in Cross-Cultural Communications at ITP Naliaka Wakhisi Greer, Heather
Liss, Daniel
Petit, Marianne
Shirky, Clay
Written World Zach Schwartz Papadopoulos, Despina
Zoara: A World For Teens By Teens Nara Kasbergen Greer, Heather
Zoom Out Me Valentina Camacho Papadopoulos, Despina