The Red Chair: An Interactive Triptych

Dan Scofield

An interactive video triptych that is meant to feel like a dream.

An interactive video triptych in portraits. A visitor navigates the abstracted audio-visual narrative with their gaze. Each frame leads down a different path; enabling infinite permutations. The experience of displaced control alludes to a dream.

The Clock (film) - Christian Marclay, Sans Soliel (film) - Chris Marker, Audio-Vision (text) - Michel Chion, Vertigo (film) - Alfred Hitchcock, Science Fiction Sessions (audio recording) - Ornette Coleman, Chinatown (film) - Roman Polanski

User Scenario
User enters the "booth" sits in the chair, puts on headphones, watches video for anywhere between 3-10 minutes.

The Red Chair aims to create a cinematic experience that cannot be distinguished from a dream. An interactive video triptych in portrait mode, it is designed for a single visitor to navigate using their gaze. Multiple abstracted narratives across three screens are threaded together by the viewer into a single immersive, interactive experience. The viewer navigates through a series of moving images by choosing one of the three videos with their eyes. Each video depicts people, places and textures from the ‘spaces in-between’: transitory empty spaces and destinations without geographic reference. As viewers move through the interactive narrative of The Red Chair, they encounter nameless faces, unidentified textures and inanimate objects. Eventually unifying threads emerge, enabling each viewer to stitch together their own personal narrative out of endless possibilities.