EunYoung Kang

This is a mobile application that helps artists and the creative class to find free health clinics in NYC. It also provides a platform to barter their time and/or talents in exchange for medical services from doctors who have agreed to participate.


iHealthy.Kit supports your physical and emotional well-being by providing free clinic locations, tips for a healthy lifestyle and a platform for bartering services. If you’re an uninsured artist, this mobile app is your guide to live wise, live well and live healthy.
For example, you can find self-care tips and set push notifications to remind you about recurring medical issues such as allergies and flu-shots. These kinds of alerts can help prevent disease. You can also search the location of free or low cost medical clinics in New York with accompanying user reviews and maps, making for more reliable information. Lastly, with the bartering platform, you can exchange talents with doctors for their services instead of paying bills. While the barter concept is not new, iHealthy.Kit incorporates mobile technology allowing people to find the services they need by connecting artists with retired doctors, doctor’s organizations, or local hospitals that have agreed to participate.