How Yoga Helped Me Get Over Woody Allen

Fernanda Bak

An interactive documentary that takes a not-so-serious look at how we take ourselves too seriously—using my life as the prime example


What if instead of feeling miserable about ourselves, taking a daily dose of self-depreciation, we made a decision every day to accept and enjoy who and where we are right now? There’s an annoying Woody Allen who’s lived inside my head my whole life and I’m using Yoga to get rid of him. This video documents my process: it’s a frightening journey, but also liberating. While I approach this somewhat light-heartedly, I hope to stimulate a serious a social discussion surrounding themes such as eating disorders, therapy, neuroses and ways to stay connected to what really matters. I start with my own struggles and let viewers choose how they want to navigate through the story to create their own unique path on an interactive movie.