Filipa Tomaz

"Cocooning” is a series of body-objects designed to allure into calmness.
When sensing restlessness, tension or anxiety they reply with soothing vibration sound-waves and promote a return to the inner self and to restorative metamorphosis.

Three body-objects respond to restlessness, tension and anxiety.
An egg shaped chair/bed senses movement while rocking; a womb like underwater sound follows the movement to stillness.
An interlaced long pillow reads muscle tension; it softly vibrates into Om where it supports the neck, sacrum and legs.
A rounded pillow measures heart rate; slowly a vibration motion and sound wave mimick the heart beat to calmness.

“Cocooning” is an exercise in affective technology and seamless body-object interaction. Its aim is to conduce the body into a state of rest and promote wellness. Under the premise that the body learns viscerally, these body-objects are behavioural change companions.