Fred Truman

Squares is a conceptual web/mobile application that explores the ontology of digitally-affected, real-world events and the metaphors we employ to understand the agency of these events.


Humanity is privileged with introspection and we have no shortage of inquiry into the nature of our own existence. With the rise of information technology we've begun considering what it is that our creations may want. The problem here is that we assume our creations want anything at all. Can we ask how it is to be as our creation without the burden of projecting our own experience of existence on to them? If our creations can have affect and agency without a human-like existence, can we as easily consider how it is to be a rock as it is to be a computer? Squares assumes this is possible: that agency can exist in all matter of any form, and in fact it may be extended to exist in events, behaviors and any combination of human-object-event-behavior assemblages. Squares attempts to expose these assumptions' greatest paradox: metaphors for interoperability.