The Timeseed Project

Jackson Snellings

Through the global dispersion of small artifacts, the Timeseed Project is an endeavor to transmit the reality of one person's values and existence to the inhabitants of the future.

This project made extensive use of 3D modeling software. This was most frustrating as had no useable experience in the subject prior to this attempt. Ultimately I developed a method that was able to produce a satisfactory result. I then had the files printed in 3D using the objet liquid plastic printer. The resulting prints were very high resolution and were used to make high quality rubber molds. Plastic copies were made from the rubber molds in order to make Hydrostone production molds while not risking the 3D originals to water exposure. After some experimentation with mold-making, I was able to create a series of functional molds that I have used to create nearly 100 copies to date.

I have, through 3D printing, mold-making, and ceramics created a series of ultra-durable porcelain coins. One side of all of these coins features a 3D bais relief of my face generated via kinect, a personal statement, and a small depression that will contain a small amount of my DNA preserved in plastic. on the alternate side one of several pictographic layouts on the subjects of: Solar Order, the Golden Ratio, Tiennamen Tankman's non violent resistance, evolution, are displayed.