Ju Yun Song

Echo-me is a diary application that helps users look at their lives from a distance and have unique insight without self-deception.

Egocentrism is part of human nature. Oftentimes we are preoccupied with our internal world. Many self-improvement tools suggest that we might benefit from keeping a diary. It is helpful to track our emotions, but still easy to fall into self-deception. How can technology help us reflect more objectively on our lives so that we can work toward positive change? What could make it possible for us to have different perspectives while keeping our own diary?
Echo-me is an interactive diary application that allows individuals dynamically create a book with the user’s entries. The book contains the user's story from the third party perspective along with analysis of the journal as an appendix.
This unique experience of self-awareness could help us better understand ourselves and eventually prevent us from being trapped in a self-centered narrow viewpoint.