ITP Archive Lab

Kate Watson

The Archive Lab is an experimental content platform that examines and explores thesis projects made throughout the course of ITP’s 30+ year history.

Overview Project:
SF MoMA's Art Scope:

Understanding who we are as a community begins like any archaeological dig: we must bury ourselves in the documents. We scour our sources, read the hieroglyphics with delight, and reflect on the immensity of our past, present and future. This work is integral to understanding the very fiber of our collective identity.

Since the early 1990s, ITP has used the web as a medium to exhibit new forms of expression. Part of the much larger ITP Thesis Archive project, the Lab follows this spirit of inquiry, creating a space for reflection and discussion. By exploring student works from the last 30+ years, we can touch and communicate with all members of the ITP community, past and present. The ITP Archive Lab is a visual, meditative digital space that strives to explore who we are and who we’ve been.