Kevin Bleich

Exploring the integration of the face as both controller and 3-Dimensional canvas, InnerFace, is a self-contained digital visualization tool created to enhance the expressive possiblities of solo performing musicians.

InnerFace is a conglomeration of various pieces of creative software and a multitude of re-appropriated pieces of hardware all thrown together into a self-contained system embedded within a hard shell suitcase on wheels. On the surface it is a musical visualization performance tool, but it also aims to further expand on the gestural possibilities of both the hands and the face. These act controller data for the augmentation of live generated 3D graphics. Also, as a visual performance tool it has the ability to quickly projection map its output to physical objects and sculptures. In its initial form, it is a tool for the authors visual exploration of past musical efforts and a journey through one’s digital identity, but it is also an empty vessel ready to be reloaded with another artist’s vision.