Sing Whale

Lia Martinez

Sing-Whale is an iPad storybook where small children can make friends with a whale -- by speaking (or singing!) in his language.

Children can sing in “whale” by following visual guides and singing accordingly -- kind of like tonal connect-the-dots or language-learning karaoke. The songs that you learn are simple, things you might ask someone that you just met, like: “What’s your favorite color?” (Purple). The storybook revolves around one particular whale, and he’s got personality. He’s afraid of sharks, never far from his mom, likes tacos… actually shrimp tacos -- actually without the tacos -- okay, just shrimp. Sing-Whale gives families a change to be silly. While scientists in the real world don’t yet know how to decode whale songs, in this make-believe one we find that if we can speak their language, we can be friends.