Little Bones Babes

Lisa Maria Ewing

Little Bones Babes is a web-based musical and visual comic book about the afterlife of a 6-year-old skeleton girl, doomed to wander the earth forever alone.

An orphan taken in by a bewildered order of sisters, Little Bones Babes was constantly finding herself trouble. One day her mischief rendered her living days numbered. Follow along in sight and sound at to be apart of her graveyard experience.

I basically consumed art like water and read every comic I could get my hands on. I spent hours at the library reading. I watched films, listened to music, sat a piano, and focused on the art of story telling in these mediums. I went to comic conventions, researched online comics, and met other comic artists that encouraged me to create Little Bones Babes. A lot of guidance came from my professors: Marianne Petite, Tracy White, and Kathleen Wilson. A more extensive list of research and consumption is in the credits below.

Target audience: Pretty much anyone with a pulse who likes to engage in a story and hear a song. I like the idea of creating for children visually and for adults aurally, but as I tested my work in comic environments, and in shows I've played, I learned old men like my comics, and little kids sing my lyrics (Which makes me a little nervous with my content and having to explain my lyrical exasperations).

User Scenario
An ideal scenario is to experience the performance live and to be entertained. I'd like the listener or viewer to feel close to the character and relate to her.

Sight and sound; Watercolors, Final cut pro, my voice as material, an acoustic piano, space (as in room to practice and create), cell phones, iPads, and a DIY mindset. The ultimate game plan is to entertain with a specific approach through comics by way of music, and performance.

I learned once again that the challenge of trying something new may not guarantee an outcome expected. It's always a risk to go a different route than where you have found success in the past. It's a humbling process which allowed me to grow.