It's Your Stop

Lynn Burke

It's Your Stop is an attempt to foster a greater sense of neighborhood. It is an exploration in breaching the popular neighborhood gathering space that also happens to be one of the most socially intimidating: the subway platform.

New York City is a funny place when it comes to neighborhoods. Not long ago, many neighborhoods here were tight knit communities where people walking down the street greeted each other. For the most part these days, we don't even know who's living next door. I ride the subway everyday and see a lot of the same people but I have no idea who they are. They're familiar strangers. I wanted to learn more about these strangers I see all the time—my neighbors. I wanted to hear their stories, see their artwork, read their poems, and introduce them to the rest of the neighborhood in an attempt to enhance a greater feeling of community. I began at my subway stop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.