drawing well-being

Manuela Garreton

Through an interactive website and a collection of books, “Drawing Well-Being” aims to raise awareness of the living standards and development of the world’s countries by comparatively visualizing data provided by the United Nations.


The data visualized on drawingwellbeing.com and in four sample books, which focus on Chile, India, Senegal and the U.S. respectively, corresponds to a selection of data published in the UN’s Human Development Report 2011, Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All. Both the books and the website were designed with the aim of visually presenting national well-being through a variety of indicators such as life expectancy at birth, ecological footprint, mean years of schooling, seats in parliament held by women, and overall life satisfaction. On the website, interactive tools help you explore and compare the performance of different countries. Overall, the visualizations have been designed to make the data more accessible to a broader range of people.