Margaret McKenna

AutoAmsler is an iPad application that allows patients with Macular Degeneration to monitor changes in their vision at home. It digitizes the gold standard Amsler Grid test, and augments the test with mobile-specific features.

Macular Degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss in the U.S., affecting a cross-section of adults over 60. Patients in advanced stages risk a sudden onset of permanent blindness caused by swelling of the blood vessels in the eye. Because of the dangers of this kind of sudden shift, patients must monitor their vision at home using the Amsler grid: a black and white grid printed on a piece of paper. There is a proper distance at which to view the grid, and any changes in how the patient perceives the lines on the grid are to be reported to their doctor. Predictably, these grids get lost, are held too close or too far from the eye, and patients don’t report changes in a timely manner.

AutoAmsler uses computer vision, reminders, historical archiving, and electronic test submission to address these issues, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients.