A Twenty-Third is a data-based installation dedicated to the memory of cyclists who have died riding the streets of NYC. It recreates the tension of riding and the disparity experienced in an accident.

The weight of a person and her bicycle is 1/23 that of a car. A Twenty-Third uses data of cyclist accidents in NYC to drive two metallic objects (a light aluminum round tube, and a heavy square steel tube, both coated in black). They swing in a circular pattern hanging with cables from the ceiling, getting closer to one another as their speeds increase.

For each instance of a cyclist's  fatal accident, the tubes collide loudly and violently, partially destroying the aluminum tube. As the installation runs, the tube will be incrementally damaged. Each accident will peel away the black coating, leaving a particular mark.

The project explores idea of data as experience, and how tension and expectations can be accumulated and released in the viewer.