Pyramid Hill

Matthew Rader

Pyramid Hill is a 3D virtual world with different environments to explore and characters to interact with.

Welcome to Pyramid Hill.

Pyramid Hill is your gateway to Reed + Rader’s virtual worlds.

These experiences are fully interactive and are made from the finest cutting edge 3D engine, animation and 3D scanning technologies.

Currently we have three experiences available to share:
1. Wubba World - Parachute out of a blimp through a cloud of balloons onto a rainbow colored landscape populated by a race of giant smiling ice cream cones.
2. Bots – Visit a post-singularity laboratory filled with experiments in human augmentation, dinosaur faces, and tentacles.
3. Cretaceous Returns - Return to the Cretaceous period and ride among friends with giant brontosauruses.

Having trouble finding an experience that you like? We apologize, new worlds are in progress.

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Have a good day.

User Scenario
Pyramid Hill is a virtual world that exists on a screen. Users can "walk" around the environment and interact with various characters by using the analog sticks on a game controller.

Pyramid Hill is built using the Unreal Development Kit which is a toolkit for working with Epic''s 3D Unreal Engine.

Asset Creation:
Textures, Animations, Movies: Made in After Effects and Photoshop

3D Asset Creation:
Scanned using 123D Catch photo stitching and Kinect scanning with ReconstructMe.