Meghan A. Hoke

Create-Ed is a group of modular, project-based technology tutorials that empower high school students to use modern tools for creative endeavors.

Create-Ed empowers students to use modern technology skills to develop creative projects in line with their own personal interests; it's an education for creation!

Create-Ed is a project in two parts. First, it is a group of core technology tutorials that cover the basics of many modern technologies such as physical computing and visual programming. The Create-Ed tutorials are modular, making them reusable, adaptable, and easily updatable. Second, Create-Ed is a technology curriculum that uses the core tutorials as the basis for creative, project-based courses that will appeal to artistic and technical students alike.

Create-Ed tutorials were designed for use at Saint Ann's School of Brooklyn, NY, and courses using this system will run during the 2012-2013 academic school year (pending student registration). Please visit for more information and updates on these classes in the year to come.