Mercedes Blasco

Ramona is a series of interfaces that aim to enhance the expressive possibilities and intimacy of the interactions between electronic music performers and digital musical instruments. This is accomplished through a series of studies exploring specific gestures and new materials.

As an electronic musician my concern centers in the interaction of musicians engaged in electronic music with their equipment (synthesizers, samplers, computers).

Whereas the fundamental role of physical gestures in human – machine interaction has been largely recognized over the last decade, there is still a breach between the interactive gesture and the audio output in many performances.

Some resources:
Musical Robots and Interactive Multimodal Systems - Jorge Solis , Kia Ng (Eds) / Springer 2011

New Digital Musical Instruments - Eduardo R. Miranda & Marcelo M. Wanderley / A-R Editions 2006

Theremin Instrument - Léon Theremin 1920

Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (IDMIL), McGill University

Ramona consists of a series of studies that establishes new parameters for expressive nuances that will enrich the performance for both artist and audience. 

These studies are:

Analysis of the movement in the upper part of the body and development of a stretch interface made out of “warm” and soft materials

Comparison of the gestural interaction using a modular system conformed by spheres with built in Theremin sensors versus skeleton tracking with kinect

Exploration of materials as the basis of interaction: water and raw wood.