George, an Art Companion

Miguel Bermudez

George is your art companion. Part mobile and web application, George remembers what you found interesting at an art museum. Using the photos you take in gallery, George seeds your journey through the museum.

How can we make paintings more engaging? What are the underlying stories between paintings that link them together? George was designed to address these questions.
George is a combination mobile and web application for use in art museum environments. The mobile component is designed to capitalize on the initial curiosity museum visitors have that compels them to take a photo of a painting. By taking the photo and leveraging image recognition technology, George's mobile component orchestrates your path throughout the museum. The paintings you visit along the way can be bookmarked for later. The web component comes into play after the visit to the gallery is complete. Each painting you've photographed and bookmarked is displayed here for you to explore further. George allows to you see which paintings you missed or dive deeper into the ones you visited.