Mimi Yin

A word association engine run on manufactured unpredictability.

A word association engine run on manufactured unpredictability.

I’m interested in highly structured improvisation techniques that provide performers with the freedom to make decisions, but within a framework that generates patterns and disruptions in a way that imparts arc and form to a fundamentally “made-up-as-it-goes” process.

I wanted to literally encode these techniques in a medium where I could experiment and tune the parameters of the structure in a pseudo-laboratory setting. However, I wanted the output to be something a human could experience and pass judgement on.

Hence, Prosaic’s medium is the computer and it’s content is text.

High School or older.

People into text.

People into Artifical Intelligence.

People into improvisation techniques.

User Scenario
Users can watch the algorithm run on it's own or use a control panel to see the individual word association modes in action: Rhyming, Alliteration, Synonymy / Antonymy, Repetition, Remixing, Scrambling and Elision.

Python, Javascript

Web Browser

Web Server

Equipment: Large Flatscreen Monitor, Mac Tower, Keyboard, Mouse