BactElecTric (Microbial Fuel Cells, ITP style)

Nelson Ramon

Harness electricity from bacteria metabolism, to grow useful and friendly energy for personal purposes.

The importance of different ways of obtaining energy is vital to our produce-consume-waste cycle of everyday living; this relationship is the seed for BactElecTric, a project born to generate a step towards a friendly and common use of biology and biotechnology.
It’s a way to tap into consumer consciousness toward a resource sustainable awareness of obtaining electricity, altering the “buy and forget” paradigm by cultivating an affective relationship between humans and other living organisms. It emphasizes the idea of growing and caring for your energy source and; is an effort to move away from the typical feelings of distrust or revulsion usually provoked by artistic or commercial projects utilizing living tissues and/or organisms as prime materials.
BactElecTric’s endeavor has found its path through advisors, research papers, experiments, public events, a citizen scientist, DIY methodology of tinkering and hacking, open community support from different websites, and, most importantly the support from Genspace, the first community Biolab in the world, based on Brooklyn.