Steven Klise

The online resources and collective knowledge of ITP are diverse and disjointed. Shep is a chat bot "sheep dog" living in a web site that serves students by "fetching and burying" ITP's memories and online resources.

Shep is a chat bot "sheep dog" who lives online at The website provides a main chat room and the ability for users to create other chat rooms specifically for classes, projects, or no reason at all.

At ITP the student body turns over completely every two years. Aside from holes in the walls and floor there is little trace of the people and projects from years past. I've made Shep to be an interactive, playful memory for ITP. Shep has a set of scripts describing how to respond to certain messages from users. Students can ask Shep for links to editable Google Maps of restaurants or supply stores around NYU or for a memorable quote from the faculty.


Current students at ITP.