Hand in Hand

Sukmo Koo

an interactive lighting installation for collaboration


1. people will connect physically with the installation for collaboration
2. This installation will make people to join a movement to help others.

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User Scenario
1. two people or more standing in front of the installation. 2. each person grabs a fake hand on the installation.3. people grab each hands next to another or others. 4. blinking LED light, move to center point, heart beating sound turn on. 5. when two LED cylinder meet at center point.- full brightness with Kissing sound.

Hand in hand, the interactive installation can help people to connect each other emotionally by their hands for collaboration. We can have an opportunity to identify our forgotten emotional feelings again with this interactive installation.

I learned how to build the prototype and also think about why people need collaboration in these day. this lighting can help people to think why human being needs friends