The last rainy day of Pikoon

Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd

A web-based interactive story inspired by Buddhist philosophy using HTML5

“The Last Rainy Day of Pikoon” is the journey of a man named Pikoon during the first 7 days after his death. It takes place in a parallel world, composed of all the places Pikoon has been during his life. It is a world in which ghosts, angels, gods, and people can see each other and where the rain never stops.

Before he can begin his afterlife, Pikoon must go on a journey to his hometown to collect the footprints he made while he was alive. In an abandoned playground, he meets Kobi, an ancient and giant frog, the two become friends. Kobi walks with Pikoon and shows him many things he'd either never noticed or forgotten. With Kobi guiding him, Pikoon gradually becomes content with his lot. Once Pikoon collects all of his footprints, he's got his ticket to his afterlife. A world that nobody, not Pikoon, not Kobi not even God, knows.