Street Art TLV - NYC

Yonatan Ben-Simhon

Two cities far apart, two lovers hanging street art images for two weeks on distant walls. Will city dwellers they share the streets with favor the installation and send these postcards away?

A 2 week installation deployed simultaneously on 2 public walls in New York City & Tel Aviv. The installation is a dialogue composed of postcards with images of street art from both cities posed as street art.
Each day a new set of images is placed on each wall and an online documentation adds some words to it.

sophie calle
on kawara

StreetArtTLV/NYC is another step in my quest at ITP to find a means to communicate mail based work to an audience. Previous iterations included creating an interactive blog (for ‘Conversational Spaces’) and fabricating an oversized mailbox-shaped exhibition space for mail works (for ‘Materials’).
In my thesis I wish to continue this exploration by aiming at a different audience. Following my work for ‘Site Specific’, a proposal for a public installation composed of detachable postcards, I am attempting to physically communicate in the urban street setting. As a topic for the work I am dealing with the possibilities that technology and society provide that can yield options that are almost surreal. More specifically my choice to move to NY for school while my wife is in Israel. Starting with this framework of material, topic & setting I am searching for designs that will make the installation work.